Dab of Paint Lecture Series: Artists Capture their Surroundings (Sept 26)

Join us in a series of FREE lectures hosted by Debra Wells,
Art League Chairperson and Co-Founder of Artful Circle
September 26 – Artists Capture their Surroundings

“Paint what you know” is a common mantra for artists. By documenting the people and landscapes of one’s life, the artist gives a glimpse into their life and times. Take a journey through Paris nightclubs with Toulouse-Lautrec and dance halls with Degas. Get an understanding of the famous locales of American countryside through the work of Hopper and Wyeth. Live vicariously alongside Andy Warhol and experience celebrity through his eyes!

All lectures are 11am-12pm or 7pm-8pm on Mondays.
To register call (631) 462-5400 x222 or sign up here
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