Strolling Gallery Teen Portfolio Students December 2022

December 2022

This exhibition includes work from our students in Teen Portfolio Development in Margaret Minardi’s Portfolio II and Stephanie Folk’s Portfolio I classes

Works by Margaret Minardi & Her Students in Portfolio II:






“Mimi” by Margaret Mindari, colored pencil

Pictured Below Left to Right, Top Row, Middle Row, & Bottom Row
“Delayed Opening” by Alyssa Spano, acrylic painting; “Classroom Stools” by Kelly H. Priftakis, colored pencil; “Escape” by Maggie McLoughlin, acrylic paint and graphite; “Grimy Sink” by Maggie Murphy, oil painting; “Noelle” by Clover Konop, acrylic painting; “Mulberry Dislocation” by Norman Costagliola, colored pencil; “Lightning Strike” by Sophie Messinger, acrylic painting



Works by Stephanie Folk and Her Students in Portfolio I:









“Right Hand” by Stephanie Folk, oil on raw canvas

Pictured Below Left to Right, Top Row & Bottom Row
“Untitled” by Aspen Scheider, pastel on chip board; “Portrait Studies” by Finn Suarez, graphite on paper; “Untitled’ by Allison Rich, acrylic on canvas; “Wall E” by Jordan Kofler, pencil on paper; “Untitled” by Julia Seifried, acrylic on bristol; “Untitled” by Yonatan Dahan, pastel on chip board