Anu Annam

Anu Annam is a New York based South-Asian artist, born in India and raised in America. She has been passionate and dedicated to art since childhood–attracted to the qualities of perspective, color, dimension, shadow and composition. She trained herself in art at the age of five then later in life attended various art schools in New York City and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts.

Anu concentrates on portraiture so as to be able to express her interest in countenances and emotions. Watercolor has been her media of choice for some time, due to its translucence and the spontaneous mixing that could occur due to the various properties found in its pigments.

She exhibits her fine art nationally and internationally and continues execute private commissions. She has become renowned for her rare ability to capture the emotions and auras of her subjects in her paintings.

Anu has exhibited her fine art paintings in many shows, including solo shows at Shrishti Art Gallery in Hyderabad, India, The New York Open Centerin Manhattan, NY and Jericho Public Library in Jericho, NY. She has also participated in group shows and art fairs including The National Art Gallery in Bangladesh and the Queens Museum of Art. She is now also exhibits her watercolor collages, acrylics, oils and photographs.

In addition to her work as a fine artist, Anu animates shorts for the internet on the topic of individuals and communities of people with invisible disabilities. She also works in the arts, with children in the US and India, teaching and raising funds, due to her strong belief in art education for children.

In her last visit to India, she was inspired by the talented and warm creative community she had found there, and wishes to continue her journey as an artist by becoming a part of the South-Asian art community worldwide.