Denise Lohser

Denise Lohser is passionate about the Arts. She has been taking classes at the Art League for over a decade and is grateful to all of the wonderful teachers who have shared their knowledge with her over the years.

Now it’s her turn to give back to the Art League with a newly designed kids class combining two of her favorite things: creating artwork & speaking French.

Denise: “I love the process of creating artwork and experimenting with various media and techniques. I strive to make each art class fun, safe and enlightening for every student, and hope to spark a lifelong love of the arts.


Denise graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in French. She studied Art History in Aix-En-Provence and earned a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Adelphi University.

She has taught art in private and in public schools and has worked for various galleries and not-for-profits involved in the Arts or the environment.

In addition to being a Francophile, Denise also loves traveling, biophilic design and yoga.