Dominic K Sparano

Ceramics is an ever changing and expanding field, constantly growing in popularity with new people as well as being rediscovered by others. As that happens there is a tug between breaking new ground and revitalizing old styles. To know where we are going we must look back from whence we came. So when I need inspiration for my work I will look back at artists and cultures who came before for inspiration. The mixing of styles and aesthetics to create something both fresh and eclectic is what I strive for as an artist.

As a teacher, however nothing brings more personal joy in my life than to help those new to ceramics fall in love with it as I have and to help those who once heard the calling of clay to hear it again. Whether it is teaching someone to center a ball of clay for the first time or teaching advanced joining methods, I love to hear a student say, “I get it!”

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