Justin Mullady

Justin Mullady began his journey on the wheel in 2006. Growing up on Long Island Justin went to high school with a robust ceramic program in Suffolk County, and this is where he was first introduced to the art of both horse hair and raku firings. It was then he knew both fire and clay were going to be a considerable part of his life moving forward. For more than ten years, Justin has been perfecting his craft and sharing his knowledge as a ceramics instructor at local art centers.

Artist Statement:

I have always been engrossed by the idea of holding the intangible or owning the abstract. What is more powerful than fire and finer than flames? Through my work, I can only try to sway the smoke of a pit fire and guide the markings of horse hair. Clay is my constant which is fixed and known. Although able to shift in form and scale, it abides by a certain set of rules. Together they dance to a tune of controlled chaos.