Kelly Schulte-Smith

Fusing my commitment to exploring and furthering Art and Creativity has been at the core of every major career decision I’ve made as well as being an integral part of my life. It is empowering and my hope is to not only teach others how to create by adding their unique touch to the skills I teach them, but also to enable these people to think creatively. My goal is to help them to find their own creative voice and use it to develop their own businesses perhaps, and to live their lives more fully.

My skill set has constantly evolved to include Fashion Design, Residential and Commercial Interior Design studies, Webmastery, stained glass and jewelry design and execution. As a jewelry designer I work with metals, glasswork including fused and stained glass, wire work and bead weaving pieces. Additionally I have developed and implemented website interface designs for small business owners on long Island, thereby enabling them to better compete and gain their market share online. As a teacher I have helped others to master intricate Graphics programs such as Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.