Kevin McEvoy

Kevin McEvoy grew up on Long Island, NY, where as a boy the passion for art was ignited, he sketched in the gentle rolling hills of Ireland, and as a teenager studied Greek statuary at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. With a curiosity for the world, he later studied South American social-realism art, and worked alongside prominent painters in the Valparaiso, Chile art scene. Kevin then went on to enroll at the prestigious, world renowned Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, the oldest active atelier in Europe.

After several years of training in classical drawing, painting, and art history, Kevin returned home to Long Island where he began his professional career as a classical artist, drawing on the old techniques of masters and uniting it with his modern eye. Recognized by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine as an “Artist to Watch” in 2020, his work caught the eye of the international art community. His work moved into the second round of jurying at the BP Portrait Competition, at the National Gallery in London. Returning back to New York, where his passion for art began, he was recognized as a top artist of Long Island, and was invited by the Long Island Museum to partake in a closed invitation exhibition at a Smithsonian affiliate museum.

Having co-established and directed both private and non profit studios for more than a decade, his love for the development of community deepened. Kevin volunteers his time and skills to the Nassau County Juvenile Detention Center, where he instructs youths and brings them into the fold of the art community, giving them hope and understanding of human worth. With his works in collections globally- from South America to California to Europe, Kevin enjoys connecting with collectors and clients of all backgrounds and strives to understand the humanity behind the art.

As Kevin’s artistry has evolved, so has his understanding of the world around him which is clearly captured within his work. As he applies a contemporary context to the world around him, he ensures that each piece is full of purpose and emotion. Interested in the sublime that is to be found in the mundane, his paintings speak to us in common terms, the poetry and realism of everyday life.


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