Laura Meshover

At 62 years young, I am now asked to write my bio. I could write about going to Syracuse, Adelphi, and Brandeis. Or, I could write about participating in various juried shows and winning awards. However, I feel it is most important to write about my passion for teaching. I am so lucky to be doing what I truly enjoy. For eighteen years, I have been teaching Beginner/Intermediate Oil Painting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and it’s been so rewarding. I’ve made many wonderful friends and shared memorable moments along the way. In addition to my focus on teaching, I also plan an annual art show at the Art League for my students, which includes an elaborate reception for families and friends. We occasionally plan other group outings as well such as visiting art museums followed by luncheons.

For the Beginner, I instruct with a more step-by-step approach. I teach about color charts, understanding values, color mixing, composition, and achieving texture. I allow each student to discover their own style. For the more advanced student, I offer my support and guidance while encouraging him or her to try more challenging subjects. We celebrate ourselves as friends and artists by having a party at the end of each session. I hope you’ll give my class a try and get ready to experiment while having fun!