Shain Bard

Making art has been one of my passions in navigating life from as long as I can remember being old enough to hold an implement in my hands that left marks on a surface.   But while I’ve always expressed myself through art, it was the theatre that was my first love as a child, and I even had some early successes as a teenager in a summer stock camp, but my life took a different turn and I eventually minored in art as an undergraduate in college and as a major in graduate school for my MFA at Lehman College.  Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to almost always have my work out there in numerous one-woman shows and juried group shows where I’ve attained a drawer-full of awards, and exhibited my work in galleries such as the Grand Central Gallery in NYC to the Elaine Benson Gallery in the Hamptons.  I am also extremely honored and grateful to have my work in so many private and corporate collections.  I’ve had my work on many art newspaper and magazine covers along with some very nice critiques, such as this one I will share here which is one of my favorites by Johanne and Bill Pesce, the owner and curators of the Windsor Whip Work Art Gallery in Windsor, NY many years ago:  “If you are taken in by Shain’s soft, sweet personality, you will certainly be surprised by the powerful, yet poetic images she captures in her landscapes.”

I have also taught Drawing and Painting classes and privately from ages 3-93, most recently at The Art League of Long Island for the past 24 years.  As a teacher, I think I am most effective in jump-starting students with the visual skills and vocabulary they need in order to then help themselves proceed on their journey of discovering who they are and what they have to say in art. I feel lucky to have any student who has come to my class to learn how to do this, in their own way, and I will do anything for a student who earnestly wants to focus on this wonderful world of art.