Shain Bard

Michaelanelo said in his nineties: “I am still learning how to see.”

I’ve always felt that being an artist is really a verb. That is to say, that it is someone in the process of learning and constantly discovering who they are using the visual elements of fine art, which are basically form, shape, color, texture, paint, pastel, crayon, pencil, pen, or literally anything that leaves a mark on a surface, plus any other physical elements an artist might choose to make their individual, idiosyncratic statements about who they are, and how they see and visually relate to the world around them.

As a teacher, I think I am most effective in jump-starting students with the visual skills and vocabulary they need in order to then help themselves proceed on their journey of discovering who they are and what they have to say in art. I feel lucky to have any student who has come to my class to learn how to do this, in their own way, and I will do anything for a student who earnestly wants to focus on this wonderful world of art.