Get ready for a Summer of Creativity!  Be An Artist ♦ Make Friends ♦ Do What You Love!

Now in its 27th year

The Art League of Long Island’s Summer Art Adventure Program 2023 has been offering kids and teens fun and creative activities led by dedicated art education professionals.

In each of the weekly themes, Art Adventurers learn about contemporary and historical art figures, and draw inspiration from those artists. Explore a variety of visual arts mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, found-object art and more.

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Age appropriate projects are geared to expand students’ artistic horizons by improving knowledge and skills.

The atmosphere is inspiring and fun. A gallery exhibit for family and friends is held at the end of each session. Flexible options allow you to choose one or all program sessions.



Kids ages 6-10 participate in weekly themed activities centered on exciting themes exploring animals, the environment, artists, and artistic genres.  Choose one or all five weeks of art adventures! Mature Artists ages 11-14 can hone their artistic skills in one or both 10-day sessions.  Art Adventurers are grouped by age to allow for age-appropriate activities. Art Adventurers will enjoy outside opportunities and weekly Italian Ice Parties from Rita’s Ices!

Programs for Young Artists (ages 6-10) Mondays – Fridays, 9am-2pm, Mature Artists (ages 11-14)  Mondays – Fridays, 9am-2pm are held off-site in air-conditioned rooms at Paumanok Elementary School, 1 Seaman Neck Road. Dix Hills, NY 11746


Summer Pre-College Portfolio Development for ages 15-19 prepares students for winning portfolios designed to help them gain acceptance into higher education or program of choice. This program will be held in the Art League’s Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery.  Click this link to learn more about the program.


2023 Schedule

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Young Artist Program (Ages 6 – 10)

Young Artists will engage in a variety of creative experiences, which include developing artistic skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and more.  All Young Artists will develop the confidence they need to practice and create art.  We will study an artist of the week, as well as find inspiration through this weekly theme.  Young Artists will enjoy an air-conditioned classroom and outdoor recess.  Bring a bag lunch and dress for an artful summer experience!  All Young Artists will receive individualized attention from our Expert Art Instructors, as well as an Assistant in the classroom.

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Three ways to save on tuition:

Become an Art League Member and save $50 on each session.  Student memberships are good for one year from date of purchase, and the student membership fee is $35.

If your child attends a school in the Half Hollow Hills School District, as a district resident you are eligible to receive the $50 Art League member discount off each session.

To get your discount Half Hollow Hills SD resident discount, you will need to apply a code when submitting your online payment.  Contact to request your code prior to payment.

Early Bird Discounts of $50 for Non-Members available through February 1, 2023.  Not to be combined with any other discount.


Session One: “Boardwalk Impressions” – July 10-14

Put on your flip flops and walk along the Coney Island boardwalk with Melinda Morgan and Bill Bell, as they transport you to the historic Brooklyn amusement park. Dip into a candy-striped carnival tent to see a show or ride the famous Cyclone roller coaster. At the end of your action packed day, imagine the fading sunset, soft wind, sand swirling & waves crashing. Study Derek Buckner’s impressionistic “Coney Island”, and learn to use impressionistic techniques to create a summery whirlwind of carnival fun and lazy summer beach days.

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Session Two:  “Fruity Critters”   Live Animal Show  – July 17-21 

Create a zoological forest of “morphed” animal friends and their habitats, where animals and their surroundings gradually transform into half animal-half fruit. Study Rob Foote’s: “CowBerri”, “CrabApple”, and “ManGorilla” for a delicious illustrative experience. DeviantArt’s “Orange” by ShadoWica and “Duck a L’orange” by Cryptid-Creations will set the stage for your most fruity animalistic creations. Engage in a live animal show this week to help inspire a surrealistic version of the animal kingdom.Live animal experience this week.

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Session Three:  “Floating Cities” – July 24-28

Hover above the earth among architectural cities that defy gravity with Erin Morrow‘s “Floating City”. Study DeviantArt’s “Hope” by Acrylic Dreams and “Floating City” by TheRafaArts to create a world full of new-world levitating structures, trees, people, animals & air transportation. What does your world look like and how does it change when gravity is removed? Learn techniques in perspective to successfully illustrate the illusion of depth and suspension.

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Session Four:  “Furry MAD Mania” Live Animal Show – July 31-August 4

Bobble around with your favorite furry “fathead” pal. Re-imagine a MAD life with that giant head and tiny body to create caricature versions of yourself with your best furry or winged friends. Check out Basil Wolverton’s original “Gross-Out” illustrations and discover the origins of MAD magazine comic illustrations. Learn techniques in cartooning and 3-pt perspective to create an alias life in a “MAD-fathead” world.

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Session 5: “Bubblefactory” – August 7-11

Float around in a world of soft reflective bubbles with Josephine Wall’s “Bubble Flower” or explore bubbles underwater with “Breathe” by pop surrealist painter, Lisa LaRose. Does Steve Smith’s “Bubble” explode and out tumbles a secondary world or do you ride atop the bubbles as the soft wind blows. Study the world of bubble art and learn techniques to create reflection and transparency.
Bubble music party this week-bring your best bubblemakers on Wednesday

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Mature Artist Program (Ages 11 – 14)

Mature Artists will continue to develop and advance their skills in our two-week program, offering opportunity to blossom into creative and though provoking artists.  Teachers will help guide Mature Artists toward expressing their innate creativity, while developing drawing and painting skills, as well as sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and more.  They will study an artist of the week and find inspiration through our weekly theme.  Mature Artists will enjoy an air-conditioned classroom and an outdoor opportunity.  Bring a bag lunch.  Students will be grouped age appropriately.  All Mature Artists will receive individualized attention from our Expert Art Instructors, as well as an Assistant in the classroom.

Plein Air Painting Field Trip-Parents Provide Transportation!

Register early to ensure a seat! Art League Members and Half Hollow Hills School District residents receive a $50 discount off each session. Email to get your Half Hollow Hills discount code.

Session One:  July 10 – 21 

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Session Two:  July 24 – August 4

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