Get ready for a Summer of Creativity!  Be An Artist ♦ Make Friends ♦ Have Fun!

Now in its 28th year

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The Art League of Long Island’s Summer Art Adventure Program 2024 will be offering kids and teens fun and creative activities led by dedicated art education professionals.

In each of the weekly themes, Art Adventurers learn about contemporary and historical art figures, and explore a variety of artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and more.

Our super talented art teachers will give all our artist lots of attention. They’ll be there with assistants to make sure everyone gets the support they need. Let’s make this summer a colorful and playful adventure where we’ll make new friends and become even better artists!

Our classes will have a cool, air-conditioned classroom to work in, and we’ll take breaks outside too.  Weekly Italian Ice Parties from Rita’s Ices! Remember to bring a packed lunch and wear clothes that you can get messy in—we’re going to have an artsy time! A gallery style exhibit for family and friends is held at the end of each session. Flexible options allow you to choose one or all program sessions.

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Summer Art Adventure age groups include:

Programs for Mini Artists, Young Artists, and Mature Artists Mondays – Fridays, 9am-2pm are held off-site in air-conditioned rooms conveniently located in a Dix Hill, NY school TBA.

Age appropriate projects are geared to expand students’ artistic horizons by improving knowledge and skills.

NEW AGE GROUP – Mini Artists age 5 (must be 5 by 7/01/2024) enjoy a shortened day while engaging in weekly themed art adventures. Mini Artists get ready for a fantastic summer filled with fun and creativity. In our classes, we’ll explore lots of exciting activities to help you become amazing artists while also boosting your fine and gross motor skills. We’ll have a special artist to learn about each week, and their work will inspire our own creations.  While having fun, we’ll also practice sharing, making friends, and doing things on our own. Mondays – Fridays, AM Session 9-11:30AM / PM Session 11:30-2pm

Young Artists ages 6-10 participate in weekly themed activities centered around exploring animals, the environment, artists, and artistic genres.  Choose one or all five weeks of art adventures! Young Artists we will engage in a variety of creative experiences, which include developing skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and more.  All of our Young Artists will develop the confidence they need to practice and create art.  We will study an artist of the week, as well as find inspiration through the weekly theme.  Mondays – Fridays, 9am-2pm

Mature Artists ages 11-14 can hone their artistic skills in one or both 10-day sessions. Mature Artists we will continue your journey to develop and advance your skills in our two-week program.  Offering opportunities to grow into creative and thought provoking artists.  Our art teachers will help guide Mature Artists toward expressing their innate creativity, while developing skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and more.  We will study an artist of the week and find inspiration through our weekly themes.  Mondays – Fridays, 9am-2pm

Summer Pre-College Portfolio Development for ages 15-19 prepares our students for winning portfolios, designed to help them gain acceptance into higher education or program of choice. This program will be held in the Art League’s Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery.  Click this link to learn more about the program.

2024 Schedule

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Young Artists & Mini Artists

Session One: Whiley Wiry Market | July 8-12

Walk through George Town Malaysia and study Penang’s comic wire installation
sculptures. Learn to thread your multimedia art together using contour lines and create
a wire like world.

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Session Two: Camouflaged Kingdom | July 15-19

Fly through the forest, swim in the sea and walk the prairie to gather your favorite
pine cones, sea kelp, and sunsets. Create double exposure style art and learn how to
“overlay” and conceal your scavenger hunt items within the boundries of your theme.
Study “Paintography” by Victor Tongdee and Beata Angyalosi’s “Deer”.

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Session Three:  Robot Galaxy | July 22-26

Engineer your custom robot pal and bring them along on your daily summer adventures.
Invent your robo’s personality by studying Lauren Briere’s “Robots In Rowboats” along
with her everyday “Bot” collection.

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Session Four: Groovy “Florally” Fluorescents | July 29-Aug 2

Create “good vibes” by designing vintage graphic style art. Ride the far-out color wave
and study digital Australian artist: Lively Scout’s, “Bold and Lively” collection along
with funky pop art by eifelArt.

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Session Five:  Prismal Color Warp | Aug 5-9

Peer through an alternate lens, where animals and their friends become a blend
of rainbow colors and abstract geometric-style shapes and patterns. Study Upstate New
York artist, Olivia Weaver’s Egyptian Mau Cat and UK artist Andy Shaw’s BMX Daschund.
Tie Dye party Wednesday July 31st (bring a “white” beach towel or t-shirt)
Live animal show this week

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Mature Artist Program (Ages 11 – 14)

Session One: July 8-19

Mature Artist Egyptian coil jewelry making during week one.

During Week two – Plein Air drawing field trip to Northport Village, Thursday July 18th-weather permitting, parents provide transportation. Also a live animal show this week.

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Session Two: July 22-Aug 2

Anime experience week one – Guest Artist instructor and travel to Art League building on Tuesday July 23rd for ceramics on the
wheel and printmaking press, parents provide transportation.

Week two – Flower pressing party and Dress up as a “Groovy Hippie” on Wednesday July 31

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