Summer 2024 Pre-College Portfolio


JULY 16  through JULY 26, 2024
JULY 30  through AUGUST 9 , 2024


AUGUST 13  through AUGUST 16, 2024
TUESDAYS through FRIDAYS / 10:00am – 3:00pm

Choose One, Two or All 3 Sessions

Instructor:  Stephanie Folk

Elevate your work and develop your portfolio for college! The Art League offers an intensive 2-week program for high school students to fully immerse themselves in the creative process and build their portfolios for college. Students will experience professional studio practices in observational and figure drawing, painting, mixed media projects, and more.  Subjects will include the drawing from the live model, design principles, still life, conceptual compositions and 3D building.

Teens who are serious about pursuing art in college need a comprehensive portfolio. This program will guide teens in developing a well-rounded portfolio for applying to competitive art programs. Get feedback on your existing portfolio and develop your own voice as you explore new materials.

Sessions take place in the Art League’s Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery. Student Gallery Exhibition with a closing reception will take place Saturday, August  17th from 1pm to 3pm.


Studio Intensive For Teens ages 15-19

In the studio intensives, students will develop skills that lead to expressive and creative portfolio quality works. Projects will range from an hour to a few days. Students will explore mediums such as colored pencil, acrylic, graphite and watercolor, and more. Students will create 4-5 portfolio ready pieces in this course specific to their needs, at any stage of portfolio development.

The 2-week studio intensive course focuses on both observational projects as well as conceptual, as colleges most often look for both in a college ready portfolio. The 1-week studio intensive course is a transformative experience, covering essential techniques such as gestural drawing, mastering short and long poses, exploring a diverse range of mediums, and encouraging creative experimentation.

Please bring a few examples of what you consider to be your best works to the first class for a critique! Guidance on what colleges and universities look for in a portfolio will also be discussed. – Get feedback on your existing portfolio – Develop your artistic voice while exploring new materials – Life drawing from a live model – Small class size with lots of individual instruction and guidance

During the 2 week course – Students will undertake five projects with one optional 6th project for advanced students who finish early:

Projects may include:

1.How to show the passage of time visually in art- explore different techniques, objects and motifs to express time. EX: time of day, age, light movement and pauses

2: Figure Studies (2 days) – charcoal

3: Skeletal Studies (2 days) – pastel

4: Found Object Sculptures (2 days) – misc. objects

5: Interior Studies from Photograph (1 day) – ink & watercolor

*Optional Project 6: Still Life Studies – pastel

Note:  Returning students from Summer Portfolio 2023 will be given unique projects in lieu of any project they completed last season (which may include projects such as magnification studies, cubist overlay portraiture, surrealist environments, etc.)


  • Observational and Figure Drawing
  • Fine and Commercial Art
  • Printmaking
  • Crafting an Artist Statement
  • Critique and discussion, and more!

Showcase your work in the student exhibition in the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery at the conclusion of the program!