LGBTQIA+ Programs

On Thursday, June 22, 2023:

TD Bank announced a $25,000 Donation to expand our LGBTQIA+ programming.

Please see below for all the sponsored programs formed by this generosity.




Teen PRIDE in the Arts | Mentoring & Scholarship Program

More than just an art program; Teen PRIDE in the Arts is a transformative journey that empowers LGBTQ+ youth and allies to explore their identities, amplify their voices, and celebrate their unique contributions to the world of art.  Through mentorship, self-expression and community building, this program paves the way for a more inclusive and diverse artistic landscape, where participants can thrive and create lasting impact.

This program recognizes the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can freely express themselves without fear of judgment or discrimination.  The program ensures respect and sensitivity to individual experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and community among participants

Teen PRIDE in the Arts is for all students grades 9-12, in the LGBTQ+ Community, non-identified, and allies looking for a safe space to develop their artistic and professional practices, while finding time to explore one’s identity through art, conversations, and reflection.

One of the exceptional students selected for this program will be awarded an additional scholarship.  The “TPA Scholarship” is equal to 35 free class hours at the Art League. This award will be determined by a set of criteria balanced on quality of work and financial need.

Applications are NOW being accepted through April 15, 2024

Please download the prospectus here for more details on the mentoring program including benefits, requirements and how to apply.

If you would like to apply for the scholarship in addition to the mentorship program:

Please click the link here and fill out the google form.













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Queer Coded Fashion: Bracelet Weaving with Rob Stenzel | 2/28 | 7pm-9pm

AIDS Memorial Quilting with Rob Stenzel | 3/27 | 7pm-9pm

Queer Cult Classics: “But I’m a Cheerleader” with Rob Stenzel | 4/24 | 7pm-9pm

About the Instructor: Robert Stenzel

Humans use REM sleep as a way to process their emotions, evoking vivid dream imagery. This stream of consciousness is what I attempt to capture in my work, while using my artistic process as a form of emotional catharsis.

I am a multidisciplinary artist and curator, with a background in papercutting, small metals, and fiber arts. I apprenticed under master papercutter Hou-Tien Cheng, and received a BFA in Studio art with a concentration of small metals from Cal Poly Humboldt. While many of my works are fabric dreamscapes created on a sewing machine, I also enjoy painting and paper mache, and have started to expand my practice into stop motion animation and interactive performance art and sculpture. Although I am a native New Yorker, my work is also influenced by my years spent in the visual and performing arts community of the Pacific Northwest. I believe that beyond creating things that look beautiful, an emphasis on using found and upcycled materials, along with community engagement, is essential to continuing the conversation of art. I currently work out of my home studio in Ronkonkoma, New York and run a free miniature art exchange in Patchogue NY in partnership with the Patchogue Arts Council. called the mini MoCA.

As a member of the LGBTQ community this program speaks to me on a deeper level as part of my own body of work revolves around processing my gender identity and LGBTQ awareness. Additionally over the years I have been involved as an art coordinator and pride float builder for various organizations. I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend various free workshops that helped me embrace my queer culture as a younger person, such as seeing Leslie Feinberg speak and Drag 101, which ultimately helped me figure out who I was. I would love to continue to create the same sort of safe, explorative spaces for other members of the community.

As an instructor I follow a holistic, whole person approach to teaching. I believe that every individual has to start somewhere and learn in their own way and pace, so I try to tailor my teaching to each student to work with them at their level. I feel this helps them gain confidence and learn to enjoy challenging themselves.

My teaching experience has encompassed every age level from infants to adults, along with individuals of varying needs. In addition to fine and fiber art instruction my background includes certifications in red cross swimming and yoga instruction. While not directly related to art, my experience in those areas has brought an ergonomic, body integrated approach to my art and teaching style. I feel this is valuable to help my students feel safe and supported, creating an environment in which they can thrive and excel while finding a practice that is sustainable for them.


These programs are sponsored by TD Bank.