Count Me In! Artist of the Day is… Helen Wendle

About the Artist

Helen Wendle is a North Fork, L.I., based artist. Her passion for art came to light as a young child, inspired with relentless creativity. Working in an improvisatory manner, implementing various techniques with acrylic and oil paints, brushes and palette knives, creating textures on overlay canvas treatments. Stepping out of the box, Helen creates what inspires and excites her, between the real and the imagined.

Early on in Helen’s career, in the late 1970’s, her artwork was distributed through her agent and sold to galleries and retail establishments across America and Europe. She was commissioned by The Four Seasons Hotel, Carlsbad CA, for her creative artworks. Her paintings are proudly displayed in offices and homes of prestigious collectors.

Since 2012 on the weekends, from June-Sept, Helen has been exhibiting and selling her artworks in Mattituck at the Red Barn, behind the Pike St Railroad Station. This would be Helen’s 8th year at the Red Barn, currently on hold due to the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak.

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