Annual Appeal During Covid

A Message from the Executive Director

Dear Art League Family, Friends and Supporters,

Your heartwarming cards, emails and letters inspire us to work harder every day to recover from the financial, emotional and physical devastation of the pandemic. Thanks to you, we are halfway to reaching the goal of raising one-hundred-thousand dollars needed to survive the worst health and economic crisis in generations.

We’ve developed a 2020-2021 strategic and continuity plan aimed at survival. As long as Covid-19 remains a threat, lurking to shut down businesses and schools, infect populations and take the lives of otherwise healthy people, we are extremely limited to restoring the Art League to pre-Covid-19 operations.

It’s my hope when you read our survival plan below, see how far we’ve come and what we’re doing, you will support the Art League’s 2020 Annual Appeal to reach the goal. Donations can be made online here or send a check to the Art League of Long Island, 107 East Deer Park Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746. Inquiries can be sent to

Art League’s Strategic, Continuity Survival Plan 2020-2021

  • Art League closed March 12, 2020, entire faculty and staff furloughed or laid off
  • First of businesses to be approved and issued government assistance loans and grants in April
  • Banks and creditors agree to deferred payments and moratoriums
  • Building put on the market for sale May 2020
  • April “Count Me In” & “Artists of the Day” campaign raised $50,000 by September!
  • Students generously donated $21,000 in class credits, in addition to $50,000 raised
  • Introduced revenue generating virtual classes in July 2020
  • Several virtual art teachers back to work in July!
  • Ambitiously prospecting tenants to lease space at the Art League instead of selling the building
  • Sponsorships & Foundations contributing to survival
  • Facebook fundraisers established by Art League advocates
  • Revenue generating studio painting classes opened September 2020
  • Several more teachers back to work in September!
  • Ace Canvas & Tent Company donated 20’ x 30’ tent, children & adult classes in the tent in October
  • Several more teachers back to work in October!
  • Revenue generating ceramic open studio classes in October
  • Even more teachers back to work in October!
  • Virtual revenue generating Professional Development Day November 3, 2020
  • More teachers back to work in November!
  • New Income generating private, semi-private, shared studio rentals starting November
  • Virtual state-of-the-art website exhibitions, including tours
  • Volunteer program 2020-2021
  • 2020 year-end Annual Appeal earmarked to raise $50,000!

The 2020 Annual Appeal and the work we are doing behind the scenes, is the most crucial and critical path in the process of survival. I’m writing from a place of encouragement and anticipation of your support. We are looking forward, in earnest, to overcoming the crisis and bringing back a post-Covid-19, refreshed and cherished Art League. Thank you in advance!

My Warmest Regards,

Charlee Miller

Executive Director