January 1, 2023

Happy, Happy New Year


from  the Art League of Long Island!

I am thrilled that each of you has decided to join us – as a valued member, as a student, or as an exhibiting artist.  You have truly found your home among the BESTOF THE BEST.  The Art League has the best,and most stunningly beautiful, exhibition space on Long Island.  The best, and most articulate, motivating, and inspiring instructors.  The best studio spaces with proper ventilation, clean equipment, and sunlight.  And you have made the decision in 2023 to give yourself the gift of community, expression, and artistic challenge with us, among the best of the best on Long Island.  We could not be more excited to have you.

This year, we have new class offerings in atelier-style drawing and painting; graphic novel design; handbuilding techniques; and teen anime and manga.  Workshops in Advanced Watercolors, Identity & Self Expression, and Goldsmithing will follow.  You will be able to sell your fine art pieces at the beloved Art in the Park event in June.  You are also able to enter your classwork into our Strolling Gallery shows or into our recurring exhibitions.  I have full confidence that our reputation as the leading visual arts organization, the best of the best, will grow even stronger, with your continued participation.

The best of the best comes with a price tag; this we know.  I am proud to say that the Art League of Long Island has not raised our class prices, membership fees, or exhibition fees since returning from the pandemic.  And, when you register for a class or for an open studio, you aren’t just paying the instructor’s salary, you’re helping us maintain our equipment, paint the walls, and purchase new easels and tables.  When you enter into an exhibition, you aren’t just paying the juror fees, you are assisting us with maintaining our parking lot, roof, lights, security, sheds, and landscaping.  When you purchase a membership, you assist with helping us retain the highest level of standard and integrity in our instruction.

Consider a donation today.  Donations, no matter the amount, help us keep our costs low while providing means to pay for improvements, repairs, lighting, and supplies.  You can donate directly here.  Help us maintain THE BEST visual arts center on Long Island with your continued support.



Marianne Della Croce

Executive Director