March 2013

Please join me in congratulating our own Zach Krugman in recognizing the outstanding work he does at the Art League. Zach is now the Chief Preparator. As Chief Preparator, Zach performs a vital function at the Art League by ensuring all exhibits are displayed in the gallery in an artistic and professional manner. Zach oversees everything from the moment a work of art arrives at the Art League, is properly displayed, maintained, and un-installed. Zach makes sure that not only is the gallery in pristine condition, he oversees the entire building and grounds to ensure they are properly maintained. Off-premises, Zach also makes sure our Fine Arts & Crafts Fairs go off without a hitch, from pitching tents, to handling the wiring, and making sure everything runs smoothly for the vendors…not an easy task.

Thank you Zach for the talent & special skills you bring to the Art League.