Director’s Message: April 6, 2022

Dear Art League Family and Friends,

The seismic shift caused by the pandemic almost ended the dream that began in 1955. Thanks to you, it didn’t happen!  Your support over the past two years has been nothing short of amazing.  While the Art League is humming with excitement, classes are running and students are happily back in the studios, we’re not yet a financially viable organization. Viability is not about surviving. It’s about not worrying if this is the year of the Art League’s demise.

The 2022 Spring Appeal is all about building a base of sustainable donors, like you, who will enroll in the Art League’s new Automatic Recurring Gifts Program (ARGP). When you enroll in monthly or quarterly donations you will help the Art League to reasonably predict the steady level of revenue it desperately needs. While single annual donations are always greatly appreciated, any time of the year, monthly donations will have the sustained impact we so badly need.

We’re excited about the Automatic Recurring Gift Program (ARGP) and hope you will be too. It’s easy to enroll, safe and convenient. And, it will probably be more comfortable and affordable too!  You can spread out your donations over twelve months and all your giving history will be in one place when you need it! You can use your credit card or checking account for automatic withdrawals.

You don’t have to wait for the 2022 Spring Appeal letter to arrive in your mailbox.  You can call us today at 631 462 5400 x 222 or contact me at and I will personally call you back to set up your enrollment.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you real soon!

Warmest regards for a happy, healthy new season

Charlee Miller
Executive Director


P.S. A great big thanks to the many new first-time donors who generously supported us through the pandemic.  Please stay with us, you’re making a difference.  Thanks to all our loyal and repeat donors.  You’re amazing!  From the pandemic crisis came a more giving community than ever before.  It’s the right time for the  Automatic Recurring Gifts Program.   I know we can count on you. Thanks!

Director’s Holiday Message

Dear Art League Family and Friends,

Not so long ago it looked impossible to reopen the Art League. Thanks to your support and response to a very dire financial situation we can tell a good news story. We reopened gradually within the guidelines of the CDC, put people back to work and we’re managing to stay afloat. However, merely staying afloat just won’t do it over the long term. That’s why this holiday message is important for you to know just how much you mean to the future of the Art League.

The most immediate goal now is to move out of merely staying afloat into recovery. The recovery stage may last a very long time, and that’s OK, because at this stage the financial condition will begin to stabilize. The ultimate goal is to get to a place of long-term sustainability. It is here where the Art League will be on solid ground with a successful and prosperous future in sight.

There are two ways we need your support now. The year-end Annual Appeal is earmarked every year at this time to raise unrestricted funds needed to support operations for the next year. Your donation will have a substantial impact on reaching the goal. Thanks to everyone who has already made a donation. If you haven’t made a donation, you can donate online, mail your check to the Art League at 107 East Deer Park Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746 or give us a call at 631 462 5400 x 222.

The other way you can help out now is by becoming a new member or renewing your membership. Membership renewal fees are down over 50% due to the pandemic and uncertainty of where things were headed. Membership fees are a sustainable source of revenue needed to create community events and opportunities to fulfill the Art League’s mission. When you become a member, you’re saying you want to stand up and be counted in the Art League’s future success.

The Art League is driven by its mission. Since, 1955 the Art League’s mission has focused on enhancing Long Island’s cultural life through the practice, appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts. Collaborative community events, fine art exhibitions and outreach brings joy and creativity to every segment of the society. This is the promise to you and the communities we serve. With your support the mission is front and center.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. We couldn’t be more thankful for your support.

Warmest regards,

Charlee M. Miller
Executive Director