FOCAL POINTS: A Virtual Artist Talk Series

FOCAL POINTS is an Artist Talk series highlighting the work and process of creatives in the Art League community.
“Toxic Nature Studios (created by artist Scott Schneider) features environmental photography that celebrates the majesty of nature and laments its demise, in small moments. Using close-up macro techniques, the photographs express an appreciation for and concern about the environment.
As we become increasingly distracted by our devices, we tend to overlook small disasters beneath our feet. Likewise, we can fail to notice the beautiful moments present in nature, and conversely in the rust, decay, and textures of everyday objects.
All photos are taken with an iPhone – leveraging the power of technology to observe rather than to distract. I take photos every day, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I don’t go out to take pictures; I take pictures because I’m out.”
Scott Schneider will introduce us to his process, sharing his photography and sculptural work that explore environmental and conservational themes.
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