FOCAL POINTS: Virtual Artist Talk with Michael Krasowitz and Wendi Weng

This artist talk by Michael Krasowitz and Wendi Weng centers around their evolving collaboration that spans dance, performance art, painting, fashion and installation. Their separate practices are linked through an intuitive improvisation that centers around a purity of expression.

Michael’s work deals with the deconstruction of myth to “reset” the initial inspiration in order to visually express archetypal ideas. Inspired by the exercises of the surrealists,  Michael created his own visual language – a variation of Asemic writing – which became the basis for his early imagery. Automatic drawing is an essential element in his work. To subvert the conscious mind, Michael employs a technique called “Trompe L’Esperit” (or fool the mind), to create art that transcends the individual intent.

Wendi first began studying Western and Chinese classical dance as a young child.  She  has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and North Africa researching the dance styles of those regions.  Wendi is among the first generation of belly dance practitioners in China, where she has won numerous awards and competitions.  Her performance and teaching is infused with the spirit of Zen (Ch’an) meditation and Sufi devotional practice.

Focal Points is hosted on Zoom. Register for the talk to receive the meeting link in your confirmation email.