Cynthia Pascal – A Retrospective

April 15 to April 28, 2023

The Art League of Long Island announces the retrospective exhibit of Cynthia Pascal in the
Jeanne Tengelsen Gallery. The opening reception takes place on Saturday, April 15, from 6:00pm
to 8:00pm. A celebratory remembrance introduction will be held from 6:00 – 6:30, followed by
light refreshments and the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition in the Gallery. The exhibition is on
view through April 28, 2023.
Cynthia Pascal was an American Artist, born and raised in New York. She achieved her
Bachelor of Arts, MSW, and PHD in Social Work and managed a practice as a psychotherapist
for over 40 years.
Ms. Pascal studied painting with Arthur Sternberg in Old Westbury College and at the New
School for Social Research in New York City. Her formal training provided a beginning
structure that she soon broke from to create her own unique statement. She does not start out
with a preconceived narrative when she paints and is always open to discover meaning in the
Her work includes abstract, expressionistic, and impressionistic styles; all of which explore the
depth and complexity of human emotion using women as her primary subjects. Acrylics are her
primary medium, along with oils, pastels, and clay.
Ms. Pascal’s earlier work was comprised of hard-edged expressionistic paintings which made
strong statements about the female in crisis; often fearful, resigned, tremulous, but always
teeming with life. Her later works depict women in control, passionate, assured and living with conviction and joy. Almost all of her paintings portray women who appear to have a reservoir
of personal experience within.
Many of Ms. Pascal’s works hang in private collections. She has exhibited at The Blue Door
Gallery, The Whitman Art Gallery, The Eclectic Gallery, The North Shore County Gallery, The
Universalist Church Gallery in Manhasset, and at The Bleeker and Terra Galleries.
Ms. Pascal continued to work and produce fine art which celebrated the human spirit until 2022,
at the age of 92