“Insight in Sight” an Exhibition of Works by the NY Society of Women Artists

September 22 to October 7, 2018

Insight in Sight

Presented by
the New York Society of Women Artists

September 22 – October 7

The New York Society of Women Artists presents “Insight in Sight”, works of painters, mixed media artists, and sculptors at the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery of the Art League of Long Island.

Often, when we speak of “insight” we mean the realization of a deeper truth or appreciation, perhaps the “aha” moment when we see or intuit something in a more profound way.

For example, a botanical draftsperson may suddenly be awed by how the structure of a plant and its color and texture complement its function.

An abstract artist, working with relationships of color and shape, may discover that some compositions work best when in some uncanny way they echo relationships in nature. Or not.

For another artist, a narrative is most important. In telling a story either using symbols or more literally using illustrations, the artist, through her focus, work or even dreaminess, often tells a tale that reads on many levels.

And of course, by looking intently at something commonplace, an artist can feel that for a few moments she has penetrated the world of illusions.

The artists of NYSWA would like the audience to feel that they have experienced their visual world more deeply, viewing the paintings and sculpture in this exhibition.

About the New York Society of Women Artists

NYSWA was founded in 1925 and devoted itself to avant-garde women artists. The organization had 23 painters and sculptors, all recognized as professionals. Four of the original members participated in the Armory Show, some were members of the Whitney Studio Club and the Society of Independent Artists.

Critical response to NYSWA’s exhibitions was overwhelmingly favorable and a review in Art News described the group as a “battalion of Amazons that is surely unbeatable.” The support of women artists in a largely male profession gave individuals more clout and visibility. The mavericks of the 1920’s inhabited a different world than today’s members. “Painting Professionals,” a book by Kirsten Smith, describes NYSWA and the lives of young women artists in its earlier days.

Today, NYSWA is an intergenerational organization of up to 60 active members. Many began to make their mark in the 1960’s and forward, in the heart of New York City life. The aim is to maintain a clear focus on the art itself, and more specifically on making public the fine works of talented women, in galleries, cultural spaces, embassies, museums and other quality venues. The NYSWA’s refined jurying system welcomes both diversity and quality.