Long Island Professional Artists Showcase – 7 Painters & 7 Sculptors

September 21 to October 6, 2019

Long Island Professional Artists Showcase: 7 Painters & 7 Sculptors
Exhibiting in the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery
September 21 – October 6
Reception: Sunday, September 22 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm

The Seven & Seven group was conceptualized by the late Daniel Brown, who felt the typical art show that exhibited one piece by each artist did not show the full breadth of the artist’s capabilities. In addition, he wanted to create an exhibit where the mixture of sculpture and paintings weave an inspiring tapestry.

Dan’s vision came to fruition with his hand-picked group of extraordinarily gifted artists (Seven Painters and Seven Sculptors), who come together to create an exhibit of great merit. The beautiful mix of paintings and sculpture creates an overall rich and captivating experience for the viewing public. Each of the 14 professional artists have won numerous awards and been widely shown at exhibitions, galleries and public spaces in the New York metropolitan region and beyond. Only their best work in varied mediums, styles and subject matter will be displayed. The group exhibits representational works, however with a nod towards modern trends, there can be abstract wood, welded steel and stone pieces included. They are always very well received and add a little bit of the unexpected.

The exhibition will also pay tribute to Daniel Brown, which will include a few of his works. He was very proud of having created this group and how they far exceeded his expectations. Dan had a long history with the Art League, and his support and love for it makes this the ideal place to hold this show and remembrance. The group will also take the opportunity to remember four other charter members who left us too soon: Marilyn Newmark, Ruth Baderian, David Haussler and Alex Chwick. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the reconstituted group of Seven Painters and Seven Sculptors will carry on their legacy.

The exhibiting artists are:
7 Painters – Leslie Barnett, Nanette Fluhr, Liz Jorg Masi, Donna Harlow Moraff, Howard Rose, Angela Stratton, Marie Sheehy Walker. 7 Sculptors – Arthur Bernstein, Hap Bowditch, Dan Brown, Shawn McAvoy, Ilene Palant, Alice Riordan, Ken Strier. Learn more about the artists at www.sevenandseven.org.

Pictured Above:
Top row left to right: “Green Vase of Flowers”, pastel on panel by Marie Sheehy Walker; landscape painting by Leslie Barnett; “Seated”, sculpture by Dan Brown; “Touchdown”, “Red-Tailed Hawk”, bronze sculpture by Shawn McAvoy; “Walt Whitman”, terra cotta sculpture by Alice Riordan (photo by Jim Riordan).

Middle row left to right; “Jones Beach, West End”, oil painting by Howard Rose; “Beverly”, pastel by Liz Jorg Masi; logo; “Twisted Fate”, sandstone sculpture by Ilene Palant; “The Journey”, sculpture by Hap Bowditch.

Bottom row left to right: “Portrait of Grandfather”, oil painting by Nanette Fluhr; “Iris Joys”, oil painting by Angela Stratton; “Grapes and Toile”, pastel by Donna Harlow Moraff; “Growth Form 2”, black walnut sculpture by Arthur Bernstein; steel sculpture by Ken Strier.