David Peikon

“I teach Portrait Painting (from Life) and plein air and studio landscape painting, using a direct painting approach. Direct painting eliminates the highly evolved preparatory drawings of the more classic academic approach, and forces the artist to adapt to the work as it progresses. The emphasis is on learning to critically analyze the visual information of our 3D world so as to believably recreate it on a 2 dimensional canvas.”  – David Peikon

David Peikon dreamed of a life as a painter since his early teens but was urged to seek a more secure career path. After college he spent 15 years in the commercial printing industry, culminating his career as a vice-president of sales of Federal Business Products in NYC. In 1996, at the age of 38, he left the business world to pursue his passion. Now in his second decade as a painter, his work hangs in private and corporate collections around the world. Also known for his striking portraits, the artist is honored to include among his clients, Dr. David Steinberg-President’s Portrait (LIU), William F. Buckley Jr., Dr.George Church, Salvatore Ferragamo, Philanthropist David H. Koch, The Presidents of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Mrs. Mary Phipps and Nobel Laureates Drs. Elizabeth Blackburn, Thomas Cech, Carol Greider, and Dr. James D. Watson. Peikon’s landscape painting classes will teach advanced level techniques for artists who wish to find their own voice and expand their portfolios. David resides in Bethpage.

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