Jay Stuart

At a young age, Jay Stuart found himself drawing things from out of his mind inspired by the depths of his imagination. As he got older, he began studies at Hofstra art classes for the young and then attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC studying illustration and cartooning. From then he has worked for various art jobs from comics to fashion design. His work is mainly illustrations with india ink and brush which he finds the perfect medium to translate his macabre ideas into reality. He also extends his illustration in oil and acrylic paints bringing to his audience a set of imagery that only he can explain. Jay Stuart has now started Poppycock Productions which produces various products like story books, tarot cards and comic books showing at galleries within the Long Island area, events and conventions while also teaching illustration.

Teaching Statement:
I wish to inspire and motivate other artists to complete their ideas and give it form. Everyone has ideas and dreams but without the proper discipline, that’s all they will ever be. I like to show my fellow artists how to organize all this into something tangible and you can share with the world.