Jen Salta

Jennifer Salta is an artist and craftsperson. Jen is a jack of all trades, a manufacturer

and designer who has worked in every side of the jewelry industry.  For the last decade, Jen has worked learning the ins and outs of product development and private label processes. Jen has designed and created jewelry, hair pieces, and home goods for many large well-known companies. Collaborating with these types of companies reinforced Jen’s passion for handcrafted pieces and taking concepts from paper to product.


In 2013, Jen landed a job in an American factory in New York, where she worked

as Assistant to the Head Designer, and was able to use her skills hands-on, doing wax-carving, casting, model building, mold-marking and plating.

Jen then began her teaching career teaching workshops in all levels for jewelry design. Her philosophy has always been community over competition, and sends students home excited to create more!