Laura Peters

As a ceramic artist the hands on “shaping of earth” aspect of clay has always been appealing to me. Through the technique of handbuilding I manipulate slabs or coils of clay to achieve a sense of organic movement. Textures and “sprig mold” additions are added to the surface to create a 3-dimensional aspect. Most of the additions are created with found items such as leaves, shells, and fossils. I love to explore the outdoors as well as flea markets and junk shops to find new and exciting elements to incorporate for my surface additions. The highly detailed images that adorn much of my work are created using underglazes and a very fine brush. The style is a return to my roots in ink and charcoal drawing. The inspiration for the subject matter primarily revolves around my passion for the flora and fauna of North America. My pieces will often shed light on the dynamic between human activity and our impact on the environment. Animals that tend to be viewed in our culture as vermin or pests are a common feature that I portray in a more positive light to help showcase their importance within various ecosystems. With my continued work I strive to create tactile objects that entice the viewer to explore them further and perhaps contemplate the value and contribution of each species large and small.