Liz Fusco

Painting and drawing is something I’ve been doing my entire life. I started my art career in high school and took a hiatus after getting married and raising a family. Going back to get my degree was always a goal of mine and as an adult I studied oil painting- both landscape and still life, .and I received my B.F.A. and MA with a NY certification in Art Education. As a teacher and lifelong learner, I am always looking to expand my knowledge. In 2014, I enrolled in the Botanical Certificate program at the New York Botanical Gardens and earned my certificate in 2017. Because of my passion for nature, wildlife and gardening, I began painting flowers and plant life. I really enjoy painting in both oils and watercolor and my subjects almost always include natural objects.

I have been exhibiting my work in local and national shows since 2010 and received awards for honorable mention and The Roth Award for Botanical Distinction at Filoli Gardens annual Botanical Exhibit in San Francisco, California. A recent group exhibit at the Carter Burden Gallery in New York, had been featured in Fine Arts Connoisseur magazine in July of 2021. I have also had my work featured in other publications as Botanical Artist Journal, The Smithtown News and the TBR Artist Coloring Book published by the Times Beacon Record.  I am currently teaching Watercolor, Drawing and Oil Painting at the Art League of Long Island and also at The Atelier at Flowerfield in St. James and also at the Art Guild in Port Washington.

Teaching Philosophy

As someone who has been passionate about art all my life, I believe being creative has been part of my DNA. I’ve been drawing, sketching and painting since I can remember. That being said, I feel that every human being creative in one form or another is crucial to our well-being. Being able to explore art, music and other forms of the arts can have tremendous benefits: it helps us think critically, problem solve and express ourselves. Some people may be born with innate talents, but everyone can learn skills to help them in their creative process. Even as a teacher, it’s amazing to be a continued learner. I learn by continuing to take classes from other instructors because you not only learn a new skill, but it is stimulating for the brain as well as motivating.

Two years ago, I started taking cello lessons. It makes me appreciate how much patience you need as a student and as a teacher. Learning is ongoing in life and everything new takes a lot of practice. I hope as a teacher I can motivate and inspire students to learn the skills and find pleasure in their own creative growth and progress.

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