Laura Siegelman Exhibiting at the Plainview Old Bethpage Library April 2022

Laura Siegelman’s Fine Art Exhibit is here ! Finally, two years after being pandemic-postponed in April 2020, Long Island art lovers no longer need to fly to Paris’ famed Louvre or Russia’s (especially now) Hermitage, travel Manhattan’s dangerous streets to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or MoMA, pay admission at Roslyn’s Nassau County Museum of Art or Huntington’s Heckscher Museum of Art. Sure, their artists aren’t  bad, but Laura Siegelman’s artwork is just as good (only unseen and unknown until now)—and it’s free of charge. See 65 original works of  her art now fill the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library’s two art galleries and display case. Whether it’s serious  pencil portraits, breathtaking pastel landscapes, three dimensional sculptures, or whimsical soft sculptures, there’s something for everyone. Plus, as a bonus, see her double portrait of husband Richard Siegelman wearing  one of his non-teaching T-shirts, plus his own “painting” of the most amazing horse race anyone’s ever seen—featuring a Kentucky Derby & Preakness winner in a match race against…? (You’ll never know if you don’t go ! )  This once-in-a-lifetime (unless public demand requires an encore) show is currently available for viewing at the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library, located at 999 Old Country Road (phone 516-938-0077). The library’s hours are Mondays through Thursdays 9-9, Fridays 9-7:30, Saturdays 9:30-5:30, and Sundays 11:00-7:00. Be there or be square ! (Legal disclaimer : None of the above text was written by–or with the knowledge or approval of—the artist, my wife Laura Siegelman. All blame (or credit ? ) rests with me, proud husband Richard (“Mr.”) Siegelman)

Pictured above is Laura Siegelman in a press clipping with some of the sculptures that are on display in the exhibit.

View photos of her exhibit on Richard Siegelman’s Facebook Page