Art of the Forest: Painting Trees Workshop with Shain Bard | Sat 10 am - 1 pm | 10/8-11/12 | Fall 2022

ArtForest WS Sept/Oct 22
Art of the Forest: Painting Trees Workshop with Shain Bard | Sat 10 am - 1 pm | 10/8-11/12

Instructor Shain Bard






October 08, 2022 - November 12, 2022



Start Time

10:00 AM

End Time

01:00 PM


All Levels

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"Artists can in paint create
Trees at imagination's gate
as we to Mother Nature bow
For she will always show us how"
-Shain Bard

Welcome to the vast, ubiquitous, and always wondrous world of Trees! Nature lovers and ecologists will thrive in this all levels painting workshop that celebrates the wonders of the bodies that make up our forest networks - the mighty tree. Students may work in the paint of their choice - either acrylic or oil (watercolors will not be covered in this course). In this workshop, students will work from reference photos of trees that speak to them to paint stunning 20" x 40" tree portraits. Students will provide their own pictures of trees up close and personal, with attention to bark markings and textures, angles, color, light, and mood. Shain Bard will guide students through the exciting and meditative process of translating their tree pictures on the canvas, along the way learning the important art concepts of shared edges, positive and negative shapes and interchange, and composition. At the end of the course, students may choose to hang their tree portraits together in the Art League's strolling gallery, creating our own enchanted forest.

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