Observational Drawing and Painting for Teens with Bill Graf | Saturdays 1:30 - 3:30 pm | 3/18-4/1 | Spring 2023

Observational Drawing and Painting for Teens with Bill Graf | Saturdays 1:30 - 3:30 pm | 3/18-4/1

Instructor Bill Graf






March 18, 2023 - April 01, 2023



Start Time

01:30 PM

End Time

03:30 PM


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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This class is developed for teens ages 13+ to help improve their drawing skills and take their skills to a higher level. The class will focus on creating stronger construction, proportion and rendering in all areas including portraiture and figure drawing.

For the art school bound students, the class will also concentrate on developing strong portfolio projects, as observational drawing is the cornerstone of any art portfolio.

This drawing and painting "atelier style" class will cover everything from the basics to the finer points of observational drawing and painting. Atelier-based training is a practice based on a thorough training of the eye and fundamentals stemming from the 1800s. These centuries-old practices have been making a full revival in recent years, and foundational atelier skills are now prevalent in countries all across the world, and especially in Fine Arts Academies throughout Europe. Atelier students hone their fine art skills through the practice of training the eye in observational drawing utilizing the "sight-size" method of drawing. 

Students with a firm foundation of knowledge in drawing fundamentals will move on to still life painting in this course.

Price $160.00

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