Eco Printing Workshop with Oksana Danziger | Saturday 7/15 | 10 am - 1 pm

EcoPrint Danziger 7/15
Eco Printing Workshop with Oksana Danziger | Saturday 7/15 | 10 am - 1 pm

Instructor Oksana Danziger






July 15, 2023 - July 15, 2023



Start Time

10:00 AM

End Time

01:00 PM


All Levels

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This unique workshop is where the exciting world of printmaking and fiber arts collide! In this workshop Oksana Danziger will lead students through the process of printing designs on scarves utilizing only natural materials, engaging in a centuries old heritage process of creating beauty!
The basic principle of eco printing is that various leaves and plant materials (fresh or dried) possess tannins which have the innate ability to print permanent color onto fabric fibers when combined with the proper technique and procedure. Eco printing is directly related to the art of dyeing with natural plant materials. The process usually involves some form of heat and pressure to create a distinctive print. Historically, the dyeing of fabric with natural plant material has been around since 100 A.D. All levels of designers will have fun and be appropriately challenged to create unique wearable art through this process.
Lately, sustainable art forms have become very popular. We can make the process experimental and creative using natural sources of dye. We believe designing in sustainable ways will impact the entire world. Hopefully one day, this will be the norm and it will help protect future generations and the environment.

$20 materials fee payable to the instructor.

Price $144.00

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