Digital and Studio Anime Mystery Box with Zach Schrage | Ages 13-18 | 8/8-8/11 | 10 am - 1 pm | Summer 2023

SumAnime - Schrage - wk 1
Digital and Studio Anime Mystery Box with Zach Schrage | Ages 13-18 | 8/8-8/11 | 10 am - 1 pm

Instructor Zach Schrage






August 08, 2023 - August 11, 2023



Start Time

10:00 AM

End Time

01:00 PM


All Levels

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Join Illustrator and Anime enthusiast Zach Schrage for this summer vacation Anime Illustration workshop!

Creating characters can be a difficult task. Even more so, characters in anime are often highly specialized with unique items, clothing, and character traits that make the world of anime so alluring. This class aims to challenge students to think creatively about characters and the worlds they exist in. Students will draw items, topics, and challenges out of Zach's specially tailored mystery box and engage in fun challenges to think critically and adapt like a true illustrator.

This class is a hybrid between studio and digital art instruction. Students are encouraged to either work with studio materials or ipads, or both! If students wish to work digitally, they are responsible to bring their own ipads and apple pencils outfitted with procreate in order to participate. Please make sure procreate is working properly on your device before attending your first class, and that all necessary software updates are installed.

Join other students in talking about characters, shows, and graphic novels while working on developing your own unique characters in this four day workshop!

Price $280.00

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