Art For the Young at Mid Island Y JCC with Linda Gottlieb | Ages 3-5 | Mon 3:15-4 pm | 12/4-3/4 |Winter 2024

MIYJCC | 3-5 | 12/4-3/4
Art For the Young at Mid Island Y JCC with Linda Gottlieb | Ages 3-5 | Mon 3:15-4 pm | 12/4-3/4

Instructor Linda Gottlieb






December 04, 2023 - March 04, 2024



Start Time

03:15 PM

End Time

04:00 PM


All Levels

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To paraphrase Picasso. every child is born an artist. in our early learner Art classes, we will be discovering and cultivating the artist that lies within each of us. Unique expression and responses to seeing the world, art, the environment and the voice within will be cultivated in a myriad of projects. We will be drawing, painting, sculpting, making prints and puppets. We will be learning new words and looking at both new and old artists and influences. In a supportive and friendly environment, where there are no wrong answers, where we learn to enjoy the freedom of expression while using new materials and concepts; art will be the pathway to encourage our sense of wonder, creativity and discovery.

Lessons for our earliest learners will be introduced with fun storybooks, poems and even music! We may even sneak in some art history! New words and materials will inspire our young creatives to go beyond coloring books and explore the possibilities of finding their own voices. We will learn new skills, new forms of art; explore shapes, colors, and pattern; wet and dry, large and small, flat and not.

Young school age artistic explorers, as we like to describe them, will be introduced to the elements and principles of art with age appropriate activities that will encourage looking at artworks and artist visions. Learning to see, to describe and to communicate those visions as well as creating their own. Words like medium, background, foreground, sculpture will be used to open up our choices while creating fun and exciting projects; some will be neat, some will be very messy; some will be small, others will need two hands to hold.

 *Please dress your child in clothes that are ok to get messy*

This class takes place at the Mid Island Y JCC located at: 45 Manetto Hill Rd, Plainview, NY 11803

Price $369.00

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