January 2018

A special thanks to the Art League Family of supporters, students, volunteers, staff and faculty!
We’ve reached the 2017 Annual Appeal Challenge Goal of $25,000!

Dear Art League Family,

There’s lots of excitement around the Art League these days. Thanks to you the Art League reached its goal and raised $25,000 from the Annual Appeal Challenge. We are ready to begin the work needed to develop a new database management system and website. Thanks to everyone that responded so generously to the Art League’s 2017 Annual Appeal! And if you were not able to contribute to the Annual Appeal, thank you for being a student, volunteer, instructor, staff, visitor or member of the Art League.

It’s been an overall good year in 2017. Improved financial results were achieved at fiscal year-end August 31, 2017. The 2017 business plan focused on reorganizing processes and infrastructure to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. Staying true to the Art League’s mission requires the organization to generate sufficient sources of revenue while managing to keep expenses down while the cost of doing business goes up. The Art League depends on revenues from tuition, donations, gallery exhibitions, artwork sales, foundations, sponsorships and Grants. However, finding Grants for operating capital is difficult to come by. As a not-for-profit organization the Art League is championed to enhance Long Island’s cultural life, inspire communities and artists, create space and offer an exceptional art education. Balancing the need to fulfill its mission and funding operations is a constant challenge.

More good news! The Art League received a Grant from the New York State Economic Development Assistant Program (“NYS EDAP”) for $125,000. The funds must be used for renovations, repairs and improvements to the Art League’s building. These capital improvements must have a “life” of 10 years. The Grant does not support new technology. Timing couldn’t be better as the building is almost 15 years old. Some of the projects include 3 new HVAC units, outside LED parking lights, new office computers and upgrades to the computer lab, a state-of-the-art surveillance system, improved gallery lighting and several other projects. We hope to get started on these projects by third quarter 2018. We have three years to complete the work under the Grant.

Thank you again for making it possible to begin work on a new database management system and website. Please be sure to peruse the 2018 catalog to see some of the exciting new classes, lectures and events. Don’t miss “Opera Night Long Island” coming up on Sunday, February 4, 2018 from 4:00 – 6:30 pm. Renowned internationally acclaimed rising opera professionals will inspire you with the “Language of Love”, in time for Valentine’s Day.

My warmest regards,

Charlee Miller

Executive Director