July 5, 2022


Dear ALLI Community,

Thank you for all of your support – your donations, membership renewals, and tuition dollars have always provided the Art League of Long Island with the revenue needed to host exciting exhibitions, offer classes which spark your curiosity, and provide much needed repairs to our building and our studios.

Many of you ask when we are going to “return back to normal.” And I am writing to you to say…not quite yet. Take a look. The first chart shows where we stood pre- Covid: open seven days a week, four nights a week, with a full roster of classes to offer. The second chart shows ALLI during the heart of the pandemic. Because of you, we were able to keep the lights on and the doors open, and bring back our core classes. Thank you. We would not have remained open without you. The final graph shows where we stood last year: still pulling through our recovery. And so, ALLI needs your continued support!

Let’s continue to see the forest through the trees. Your membership dollars are so important! Your tuition registrations drive our income – make sure to sign up for your favorite instructor or class! And finally, consider donating to our recurring gift program.

Thank you again for all of your support: past, present and future! I look forward to the time when we can look back on these years and say to each other, “We did it… together!”


Marianne Della Croce

Executive Director