October 2016

We’re going full steam ahead as we prepare to Go Green in 2017. The Art League is doing its part to be a responsible citizen of the world by cutting down on excess paper production. While ideally we would like to one day move to an entirely paperless class catalog, for the near future we plan to greatly reduce the number of catalogs we print starting with the Spring 2017 class catalog. To do so, we plan to eliminate mailing out thousands of catalogs. However, we will still print catalogs that will be available for pick up in the office.

The advent of home computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones makes paper-free brochures a reality and we are working hard to make our class catalog easier to use on those handy devices. Did you know that pulp and paper production is the third largest industrial polluter to air, water, and land in both Canada and the US? (see Wikipedia.) We are asking you to do your part and make the transition to paperless class selections and registrations. It will help save the environment and reduce totally preventable costs at the Art League. And after all, we need to save some of the paper for art projects. Art on paper can’t be replaced by a computer!


Charlee Miller,

Executive Director, Art League of Long Island 

PS. Spring registration will be available in early December!