Luminous Landscapes of the Mind – An Evening with International Artist John Biangazzo

Luminous Landscapes of the Mind: An Evening with International Artist John Biangazzo
Thursday, October 6 at 7pm in the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery
Free Admission

Born in 1957 of Spanish and Italian descent, John is a self taught artist who also has the rare capacity to see and perceive the world both internally and externally.

“It is the sole responsibility for each one of us to be a light to ourselves and in so doing discover what is authentic and unique.”

Biangazzo will present his original oil paintings in a multi media effect of choreographed light and music in the experience entitled ” Luminous Landscapes of the mind.”

John will invite you into a dialogue regarding the implications of actually SEEING in relationship to the untapped potential of the human mind.

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View his video titled “Dancing with Shadows”.  Art by John Biangazzo. “Dare To Live (Vivere)” Vocals by John Baingazzo and A. Patchareeya