Lori Hochberg

Lori Hochberg is an artist and art educator from Huntington, New York. She has been teaching drawing, painting, sculpture, cartooning and fashion design classes for over 30 years. Lori’s unique approach to teaching and inspiring students of all ages (children, teens and adults) is her true talent. She is a certified K -12 art teacher with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University and a Master of Science in Art Education from LIU CW Post.

Lori has enjoyed sharing her love of “all kinds of art” with students via her classes at venues throughout Long Island. In 1995, Lori founded The Village Artist Fine Art School in Huntington Village. Both young and older artists thrive under Lori’s guidance and encouragement. It is here, that Lori was able to create her real masterpiece: a creative and inspiring environment for anyone interested in exploring their artistic side. Lori’s teaching philosophy is simple: Teach the basics, while letting one develop their own style in a non-competitive, comfortable atmosphere. Provide students with the encouragement and knowledge they need to better their skills and grow as an artist.

As a fine artist, Lori enjoys painting the beauty of the world around us. She paints in oils, watercolor, acrylic and pastel. Landscape, architecture, still life and florals are her favorite subjects. She also loves to paint portraits, animals and abstracts. Through the years, she has taught the art of drawing/painting a wide variety of subjects and appreciates all of them. Lori has exhibited her artwork, over the decades at galleries, such as B.J. Spoke Gallery, Main St. Petite Gallery, Hillwood Art Museum and more. In 2010, Lori opened her own art gallery, known as Gallery 425. In this gallery she not only featured her own works of art, she also gave local artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work.