Rachel Woelfel

Art Class:  Young Artist Ceramic Hand Building

Rachel Woelfel is a ceramicist from Melville, NY and a graduate of Stony Brook University. Beginning as a painter, Rachel quickly adapted to ceramic sculpture, often referring to her work as “painting in 3D.” She has always been intrigued by the human form, its continued representation in art, and how it has evolved over time. As opposed to her training in the medical arts field where absolute naturalism was the goal, her own practice is about liberation and having fun interpreting the human form through color, texture, and narrative.

Rachel’s teaching philosophy is based on the principle that the artist’s hand can be guided by tools and techniques to let the individual’s artistic expression shine through their artwork. As the teacher, Rachel believes she is there to spark an idea in the mind of a student with a prompt and then provide them with the technical building blocks they need to create the work that emerges in their own imagination. Even though students may be given the same prompt or assignment, Rachel ensures that each project turns out differently by encouraging students to express their individual style and empowering them to leave their fingerprints behind as signatures or personal trail on their ceramic pieces.