One Year Residency in NYC for BIPOC Artists

BIPOC artists that have developed a project that focuses on ending racism or addresses an intersectional issue and have a need for room and board in New York City are invited to apply for the 2022-2023 Bayard Rustin Residency. This residency provides room and board to one artist or activist for up to one year at the Penington Friends House, a collaborative living community founded by the Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1897. Their initial board included abolitionists and over the years the house has served as a meeting place for activists and artists. Applicants for this residency should be interested and willing to experience communal living. Residents in the house make communal decisions based on Quaker process ( similar to restorative justice) and participate in maintaining the house. Residents are diverse and multigenerational, mostly non-Quaker, and are mostly artists and activists. The Penington Friends House is in a historic 5 story walk up Brownstone in the Lower East Side of Manhattan near Union Square. The house is not overtly religious but we all seek to live by the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship.

The selection process involves two steps. The first is a review of applications by a BIPOC, white, Quaker, and non-Quaker selection committee that are looking for the strongest project and the strongest candidate. That committee then recommends its selection to the house where residents and staff conduct interviews in person or by zoom for final selection.

Here are a few types of projects the committee is interested in considering for this residency.

An artist who is creating a body of work that speaks to racism or intersectional issues.

A personal working in the non-profit sector or socially entrepreneur sectors that have created a specific project to address racism or intersectional issues.

A graduate student who has created a project that addresses racism or intersectional issues.

A writer with a project underway that addresses racism or intersectional issues.

A performer, musician, dancer that has an anti-racist project that needs their time and attention.

The selected resident will be required to live at the Penington for the duration of their residency, they will need to participate fully and successfully in the life of the house, and working with the directors of operations design and share their project’s progress with the wider Quaker community in New York City. The resident must exhibit progress in the project overall during the year. The residency may be terminated if these requirements are not met. Residents who are successful in living at the Penington and wish to stay as a rent paying resident may be given that opportunity if vacancies arise.

Stipends and studio space are not a part of this residency currently.

How to Apply
Application Deadline
Application Fee
Application Instructions
Go to and complete the linked application. Persons with strong applications may be asked to submit a video taped response to further questions. In person or zoom interview of finalist.