December 2023

On September 29, 2023, the facilities at the Art League of Long Island underwent substantial damage from the heavy rainfall with catastrophic results.  All nine studios, the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, office space and library needed to be immediately mitigated and reconstruction efforts began to prevent this level of damage from occurring in future storms.    

Keeping the Art League community together took tremendous effort.  Classes and exhibitions were moved to temporary locations.  Spirit of Huntington, the Art Department at Nassau Community College, Nassau County Museum of Art, and the Half Hollow Hills and Northport School Districts hosted our adult, youth, and teen classes.  Empire Mazda of Huntington hosted an exhibition. Our Latin Heritage Month Program, Holiday Fair, and Raku firings continued.  The Art League of Long Island persevered.   

The building and the grounds were renovated.  Six catch basins, a new concrete walk with proper pitch, new curbing to the foundation, a water dam, and four additional drywells were installed.  We patched the blacktop, and resealed the parking lot.  We patched sheetrock and drywall, added insulation, repainted the Strolling & Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, installed new flooring, and improved studios with more light and storage.

The cost will total approximately $500,000 to mitigate the building, to prevent this type of disaster from happening again, and to usher in a new era for the Art League Community.  No donor dollars were used in this process.  The money we raise ensures that the programs we offer match our space and to create an endowment for the future.  We still need your support – through memberships, donations, matching donations from employers.  

Our Mission – The Art League’s mission is the promise we live by; it’s the reason we exist. Since 1955, we have been dedicated to broad-based visual arts education, providing a forum and a showcase for artists of all ages and ability levels.  Artists, teachers and dreamers have come for inspiration. Children and adults of all ages and abilities develop their artistic skills. Outreach programs bring art to underserved communities.  Artists are rewarded in first-class fine arts exhibitions.  

The Impact is seen in each of our students.  Our efforts make a difference.  Our students keep learning.  Our classes keep evolving.  Our community endures.

The Vision Our vision is to attract, inspire, teach and awaken the hearts and minds of all who long to immerse themselves in a community where art is a fundamental part of life. To fulfill the vision, we must continue to renew and refresh our programs and exhibitions, and most importantly, continue to build our community. We want nothing more than to be the viable organization the Art League deserves to be; one where future artists begin their journey, and where the community encourages and supports them along their way. One that has become the most enviable art center of its kind on Long Island. With your help, we will come back, stronger than ever.  

If you don’t support the Art League and our future artists now, who will? Donate today.

Thank you.

Marianne Della Croce

Executive Director