August 2020

Dear Art League Friends, Family, Members, Supporters and Volunteers,

The board and staff of the Art League hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. Truly, all of us are living in unprecedented times.

If there was ever a time when the Art League needed your support, that time is now. The Covid-19 pandemic has created the most serious financial crisis in the Art League’s history. Not only have we lost revenue from the entire Spring semester, but we’ve been forced to forego gallery rentals, anticipated Art in the Park revenues, and profitable programs for local school systems. Without your support now, the Art League may not recover.

With your support, The Count Me In recovery fund will help replace some of what we’ve lost. With help from you and Federal loan programs we may be able to overcome the enormous financial challenge that we face. It is hard for me to ask for your help at a time when I know the pandemic has affected your life too. The stories of job loss, illness, business failure and loss of life of family and friends are far too many. If you hear the plea and sense of urgency, and it feels right for you to make a donation of any amount to the Count Me In recovery fund, it is greatly appreciated. You can simply donate online, mail your check to the Art League of Long Island, 107 E. Deer Park Road Dix Hills, NY 11746 or email me at and leave your phone number. I will call you back and take your credit card information to process your donation. Make checks payable to Art League of Long Island and in the memo write Count Me In.

Thank you to the Art League board, staff, instructors, volunteers and everyone who holds a special place in their heart for the Art League. Your support is needed now if you believe in a future for the Art League.

My warmest regards and thanks at a time none of us could have imagined.

Charlee M. Miller
Executive Director

July 2020

Dear Art League Family & Friends,

The Art League of Long Island is the most enviable art center of its kind on Long Island. It is where we go to be inspired, fill up on art and culture and be among friends and artists. I know you have lots of questions and concerns about the Art League’s future. I do too. The Art League has very limited resources and reserves to defend itself against something as catastrophic as the Coronavirus pandemic and a devastating financial crisis. Let me tell you what we’ve been doing to survive so far.

On March 12th, when we were forced to close, we zeroed in on liquidity needs for the next thirty days and for the next three to six months. The financial picture was bleak. We moved from crisis mode to survival mode quickly and took control and responsibility of the situation. Doing nothing was not an option.

The Federal Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) came through quick enough to create a short survival bridge, however, it wouldn’t last long. We retained our legal counsel and financial professionals to work with us to create a restructuring plan that would rearrange and temporarily ease, the Art League’s debt obligations. A good debt restructuring plan can be a win-win if it’s done right and done in time, before going down the slippery slope.

The Art League’s strategic restructuring of debt led us to the fact that the building must be sold if we were to survive. The sale of the building will enable the Art League to have financial security, but a bright future can’t happen without the means to keep the doors open at present. We must remind ourselves, the building is not the Art League, it’s all of you who make up the spirit, character and love for the organization.

The restructuring plan is just part of the survival plan. It is meant to relieve financial pressures, modify repayment schedules, delay legal obligations and most importantly avoid a bankruptcy. Without support from the Art League community we will not survive the challenging months ahead. We are in need of a “life-line”: dollars from donations, sponsorships, class credits and Grants to keep us afloat while the building is on the market.

Over the last two decades the Art League has served over 50,000 students, members, artists, visitors, volunteers, interns and employees with affordable fine art classes, free community events, fine art exhibitions and craft shows, lectures, resident artists programs, scholarships and musical entertainment each year. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring you the best art and cultural experiences right here on Long Island.

Another piece of the survival plan is to be able to reopen in the fall with a soft, phased-in reopening, within the guidelines of the CDC. It is critical to keep the spirit of the Art League alive while the building is on the market. However, reopening is dependent on raising enough funds to cover the costs and recover some of the substantial losses. If we can’t fund the reopening it will be necessary to lock the doors of the Art League until the building is sold.

We need your support now! If everyone who is reading this would make donation within their means, it will make a difference. We’re just over 25% of the $100,000 goal we hope to reach soon. Please support the Art League by donating online today or mail a check to Art League of Long Island, 107 East Deer Park Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746, or contact

Hoping you are all well and staying safe as we navigate the months ahead. I will keep you informed of updates and developments. Once again, thank you.


Charlee Miller

Executive Director

Art League of Long Island